wireless hedphonse in Dorico


A special question.

I’m using wireless headphones on my iMac. Works quet good

But not when I use Dorico. I don’t hear any sound.
Is there a possibility to solve this problem?

Many thank’s


If you search this forum for “bluetooth,” you’ll find several threads on this. Here’s one that may help: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=161749&p=866290&hilit=aggregate#p866290

Thank’s Dan

It’s to complicated for me
I know where to switch on and off my iMac



It woked for 5 seconds
Now I can’t start Dorico anymore . . .

Under /Users//Library/Library/Application\ Support/Steinberg/Dorico\ 3
is a file called preferences.xml. Try to rename that (e.g. preferences_backup.xml) and then start again, still crashing.

Also, please have a look at
and see if you can find crash reports from either Dorico or VSTAudioEngine3.
If there are any, please zip up and attach here. Thanks