Wireless Keyboard and Inter App Audio


I’ve been using a Korg MicroKey Air with Cubasis. I have no problem pairing the keyboard when I first start Cubasis and managed to record a few tracks using in-built and AU instruments.

When I try to use Sunrizer as an IAA instrument I am no longer able to use the MicroKey keyboard. As soon as Sunrizer starts up the Bluetooth connection is lost. When I attempted to re-pair the keyboard in Cubasis the software tried for a few moments to connect but then said “Not Connected” and I am unable to use the MicroKey keyboard further.

Any ideas what could be the issue here, please?



Hi Stevie,

Thanks for your message.
So far, we’re unsure if the issue could be related to Sunrizer.

Please check the following and let us have your results:

  • Do you experience a connection problem with the Sunrizer stand alone app version?
  • Does the problem occur after all apps have been closed and the iPad has been restarted?
  • Are you able to reproduce the problems with other apps connected via IAA as well?
  • Please make sure to use the “Host button” to estabslish the bluetooth connection between the MicroKey keyboard and Cubasis

Best wishes,

Hi Lars,

Many thanks for your reply and suggestions. Apologies for my late reply: I’ve had a major life event and haven’t been online much at all.

I think I’ve managed to remedy the problem by connecting the MicroKey using the BLE-MIDI app. I’ve managed to run Cubasis and switch to Sunrizer with no issues and the bluetooth remains connected.

Thanks again for such great support.


Thank for the update, Stevie!
Glad to hear your up and running.