Wireless mic -Latency

Hi, I am considering buying a wireless mic for recording live videos and recording the audio directly into CB through my steinberg audio interface, would this work or would it cause latency/delay?
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My guess is, the latency would be minimal (unnoticeable).

But the question is, how you will synchronise the video recorder with Cubase?

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Thank you @Martin.Jirsak your always a great help, the sync is isnt to difficult, i have several software progs to load the video and audio i have been doing it a long time, I was more concerned with the latency. thank you.


I mean it different way… If you record the audio and the video via two different machines, you have to sync the time. Any of the device has different internal clock, so even if they start at the very same time, after 1 single minute, the length of the file is slightly different and they are not in sync.

I hear you, tho I have never had a problem having used 3 different progs, the best and easiest I have now discovered, is Adobe PR, 2 clicks, perfect sync for the entire video

What kind off?
Analogue? No problem with latency…
Digital? Maybe a big problem with latency, up to 35ms are possible.

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(And if it’s analogue, will the proper UHF band last two years into the future or will it be outlawed?) :tv: :satellite: :signal_strength:

Sorry only just seeing these last two answers @st10ss @ggmanestraki ok, excuse my ignorance but how can i tell what is a digital and what is an analogue if it’s not stated on the slaes page? thank you

What is the model that you have?

I would be embarrassed to say hahahaha, it was a cheapy for a one off song/video lol

But it has a brand and a model written on it. So we can find out what it can do for you…