Wireless Remote devices

Hello experts,

Regarding remote control. I´d like to be able to control channel strip EQ and compression from an android device, or any other wireless controller?

Is this at all possible? Maybe via SKI or something like iC Pro?


If you have any application able to send common MIDI Data from your Android Devoce to the computer, then you can use Quick Controls or Generic Remote Device in Cubase.


Do you know any examples of such applications?

I’m not on Android, but TouchOSC is iOS/Android, for example. You just have to be sure, you are sending MIDI data, not OSC data.

You can try TouchDAW.
It’s for android. They have a free version and if it works for you you can buy the full version for 15€ I think.
It works as mackie controller over wifi.

Channel Strip EQ is accessible via Mackie Control protocol by using V-Pots (on the hardware), if you switch them to the right mode. Question is, if TouchDAW supports it. Hopefully yes.

Wow thats exactly what I need! Thanks!

I hope it still works and is supported by the developer. Android market reviews are nasty.