Wish concerning voices

Working and experimenting with voices and divisi staffs (all very, very useful features!) a wish comes into my mind and I just want to express this here.

Adding voices is possible in a staff. When you have added a voice by placing a note in that voice, it is possible to connect a virtual instrument or midi port + channel to it in Play mode. The moment you delete (par accident…) all the notes of a voice, you lose your midi setup for that voice.

Making a template with all the voices you need makes it necessary to reserve a measure with for every voice in a staff a note in that voice.

My wish: the possibility to setup all voices you need in a special place in the program, in a way, that the presence of that voices not depends of at least one note in that voice in the staff. I think, that the divisi staffs in this setup should be involved.

Thanks for the feedback. Indeed, Dorico prunes empty voices when loading existing projects, and I guess we would need to introduce an option of some kind of prevent this. Perhaps we could check whether the voice is currently routed to an endpoint when determining whether or not the voice should be removed. I’ll look into it.

I do very much appreciate the pruning by the way - I didn’t realize that it would not only auto prune, but auto add for players - and it solved my “big template problems” for everything but a few edge cases like this.

Maybe if you are considering a change, would it be possible to name the voices? The behavior I would like is if I have a player named “Violin 1” and I add a voice to Violin1 named “div A”, that Dorico is smart enough to see if I have an endpoint in the playback template for “Violin1 Div A” and load the instance, in the same way that it would if I added a player like “Violin I” or “Bass Clarinet” later.

Could one set up a custom template with a (one-measure) flow that contained a note in each voice and attached it to a suitable instrument and endpoint? After using it to build a composition, one could delete the one-measure flow or simply export and print from a second full score that did not include the one-measure setup flow.

I would love to name voices.