Wish for less picky properties commands

When I select a chunk of music and press Accent, Staccato etc., the articulations are added on notes, and Dorico knows not to add them on rests or tied notes, and it does not care that tuplets, slurs etc. are included in the selection. But the properties are picky. For a property that affects notes, nothing else but notes may be selected. It is awkward and time consuming to use the filter for deselecting tuplets, slurs, dynamics etc. Having to program macros for these edits is not ideal, either. Couldn’t the Property commands be as smart as articulations? If a chunk of music is selected and ‘Hide Accidentals’ chosen, obviously this command should affect the notes so that’s what Dorico should look at even if tuplets are included in the selection. (I am aware of the Select More command but it affects either a single bar or the whole flow, so to select a large chunk of music but not the whole piece, it is necessary to make a selection in each bar which is awkward.)


Select the first note you want to include in your selection, ctrl/cmd-click to select the last one and then use select more to select all notes in between.

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Wow, that’s awesome! I didn’t know this, and I haven’t seen it mentioned by anyone who has recommended Select More in this context. Thank you very much for this valuable tip!