Wish for Nuendo 12

I would like to be able to set the standard pitch of 440.00 Hz in the project manager from 440.00 to 432.10 Hz, 435Hz, 446.10Hz or other frequencies. Surely this should be feasible.

Kind regards, Alfred


Is this not something you would do with changing the clock?
I had a friend who used a constantly variable clock to feed their workstation in order to work at different frequencies.
From memory, a few older interfaces used to allow you to do this as well with their internal clocks.

I don’t see how nuendo could achieve it - other than perhaps running some sort of clock convertor which opens ALL sorts of cans of worms, and probably isn’t something enough people want / it’ll over complicate things and make things easy to stuff up… especially since there ARE other ways to achieve what you want through outside means.

In my mind, it is not nuendo who decides what 48000 or 441000 khz relates to in terms of the pitch of a software instrument. That is the instrument maker. I can make a sample library at 432.1htz if i wanted to… but that isn’t something a DAW can achieve.

Kontakt could build in a feature that let you set the ref pitch to something different - but today you just have to use math.
From memory, (ok, so I just opened the project!) the last time I did it I just set the internal pitch to -0.3179