wish I hadn't upgrade to C6.5

I made the move and regreted it within 2 days…didn’t realise I would miss my plug ins quite so much…can’t afford to buy new ones, what was I thinking ? who the heck needs 64 bit anyway ? the Beatles produced Sgt Peppers on two washing machines…I got caught up in the gear…must get this …must have that…none of it makes us write better songs, which brings me to my main question, can I run C6 32bit on the same computer that myC6.5 64 bit is on ? computer’s OS is windows 7 64bit, just bought it, cost me nearly 2 grand and I’m wishing I was still on XP…the plug ins I am missing are Atmosphere…Waves mercury bundle…Nexus 2 , EZ drummer, Miroslav philharmonk…dont want much really but can not get them to work on 64 bit Cubase.

I,ve loaded C6 32 bit onto my 64bit computer but unlike on XP it does not see the plugins, got myself into a right mess …should be doin music but I’m buggering about with this crap…Yeah, I know…the advantages are fantastic when the techno is working I just aint got the savvy to make it happen…thanks to anyone who can help me out…Kevin

Comp spec is…intel ® core ™ i7-2700 CPU @ 3.50GHz…16GB ram…

What’s stopping you running C6.5 in 32bit?

If it’s not seeing the plug-ins, go to Devices>Plug-in Information, click Update Plug-information. If necessary, refresh the plug-in paths.

Good luck

Hi David, been doing that to no avail, right now I’m busy installing windows XPmode on a virtual pc within my windows 7 OS and I intend to istall everything I used on XP onto this…so hopefully I’ll be able to run everything as was on my old XP machine…I’m in this up to my ears and every step is an unknown factor…my brain is about to explode, thanks Dave…

This is really unnecessary.
What are the actual errors or flaws you receive using your old software on a 64bit system?

Ok Dave, I think I failed to mention that I’m running a 64 bit system and trying to run Cubase on it in 32 bit to retrieve my plugins so I downloaded the virtual computer and the XPmode for it…which I’ve just this moment acheived…( my brain hurts though ) why didn’t I reinstall windows as 32 bit I think I can hear you asking, well…I can’t figure out how to do it…is the honest answer, when i install my windows disc I’m supposed to see press any key to boot from cd ( according to all the instructions on the net ) but I get a load of stuff I don’t understand…so I left it alone, I’m an English guy living in the Czech Republic so got no one to ask here…believe me…they know nothing !..at least this way I can follow step by step instructions, probably end up having to delete the lot and start again with W732 bit but I’ll have to get somebody in to do it…which is a problem here, thanks for your interest Dave , cheers, Kevin

Regarding th eflaws…when I try to install my plugins Cubase 6.5 just does not see them…no matter what I do…

Win 64 bit has to directories (folders) for “Program files”. Program Files & Program Files (x86). The last one is used for 32bit programs. This directory should contain a directory with your 32bit VST’s (assuming you installed them there of course).
You did follow the instructions ffg gave you?
Because when you point out Cubase to the right directories, Cubase will find them!
So most likely your “VST 2.x Plug-In-Paths” have to contain these rules:
c:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins
c:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\

If the (x86) one is missing, add it manually with the “Add” button.

About not booting from CD, check you BIOS for boot order.

I can not get to my bios for boot order…dunno why but I am not good with computers…I just get confused and start losing stuff then I don’t know where I am anymore…so is it ok to put C6.5 32 bit on a 64bit OS ?

the stuff went into the 86 folder but waves would never work, at the mo I have just installed Waves with no problem on the virtual xp system just like it was on my old comp…but after 3 days of this I’m getting cofused…dunno what I did last or why I did it or where it went…I’ll end up burning the lot and starting again but got figure out why I cant re boot like everyone else seems to be able to…so will you just confirm that I CAN load 32bit C6.5 onto W764 bit please and thanks again for taking the time to help, just sorry I’m an idiot… Kevin

Yes, should not problem.

If you have no presets or templates etc in Cubase 64, uninstall it and then install Cubase 32 bit on your 64 bit operating system.

Ok guy’s…I’ll get rid of everything I’ve done ( it was getting rather complicated ) and I’ll install 32 bitC6.5 onto W7 64bit…thanks for the input, Kevin

So I’ve just installed C6 32 bit onto W7 64 bit and totally cannot get it to see my Waves mercury bundle…when I\in windows XP I’ve got no problems…I’m seriously looking at going back to cubase on XP so’s I can keep my plug ins…cause, lets be honest…who needs more than this to produce a good song ? If you can’t produce a song with Miroslav Philharmonik…Waves Mercury bundle…Atmosphere…EZ drummer…trilogy…then you may as well give up…Kevin

I recently did a switch from 32 to 64 bit Cubase, and couldn’t see any of my plug-ins. True, they are going to have to be in different folders (as per Niles). But Toontrack support also instructed me to download and install the latest version of EZdrummer, and now it’s fine. Some these companies have only recently released 64 bit versions of their products. I did the same with some of my NI plugs as well.
Toontrack gave me a speedy reply.
Maybe this will help- hang in there, the 64 bit OS gives your computer access to all your beautiful RAM.

I know your right…just had a tough time with everything…It’s good to know somebody is out there who understands…I’m gonna stick with W7 and deal with it…thanks for everyones support, where would we be without each other, wish I knew enough to help more on the forum, cheers, Kevin

You did install the 32bit versions of the Mercury bundle?
And can you find them in: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\ ?

For the record I don’t have Waves but I have a lot of other 32bit plugs running flawless (with JBridge that is) on a 64bit version of Cubase. Among them Miroslav Philharmonik.

Ok, I SOOoooo did not know about jbridge…is that what I need? is it complicated to use?, just looked it up and seems to be the thing to get and it’s a good price, I’ve just installed 64 bit C6.5 on W764 bit and decided once and for all that’s the way to go, so jbridge will enable the use of 32 bit plugins on a 64 bit system ? thanks for getting back with that info…Kevin

JBridge doesn’t solve the problem of missing plugins. It’s a substitude for the Steinberg’s bit bridge that doesn’t bridge every plug-in right.

The be honest I think it makes anything just more complicated for you at this stage. Managing to install the right plugins in the right place (32bit: c:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\ and 64bit: c:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins) and directing Cubase to the right locations (Devices -> Plug-In Information -> VST 2.x Plug-In-Paths) is the first priority.

When you have done that and some 32bit plugins give you trouble (crashing, hanging, empty sceen and that sort of stuff) it’s time to take a look a JBridge.

Ok, thanks for the advice…good luck with your music, Kevin

Also, isn’t EZDrummer a 64bit plug in now?