Wish list: Dynamically update window title bar to match current flow

Scrolling through a project containing 3 flows. It appears that the title across the top center of the Dorico window (on Mac) is whatever flow I was in the last time it was saved? Navigation would be nicer if it dynamically updated to display the name of the flow where the playhead is located.

The title bar shows the current flow, which is determined by the flow in which you last made an edit (which can be as simple as having selected something).

Thank you! Iā€™m sorry to be asking so many questions. Trying to use the software for rapidfire projects while learning the ropes. Frankly it only took a week or 2 to get pretty comfortable in Dorico and be able to do everything I was doing in Sibelius, and more. Dorico has so many little conveniences and I appreciate them so much.

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