Wish list for Classical Guitar

I primarily work with scores for the classical guitar and I can’t do my work with Dorico yet. I’ve made a wish list of features I hope will be included in the near future.

There are other symbols often used in tablature and rock/jazz guitar - but I’ll leave it to others to make a wish list for those genres.

Note to the vertical lines: Some types of lines used to show rasguedos is missing, like the types with a half circle combining an up-and-down stroke.

I hope other who works with guitar notation will add to this list.

Thanks for your wish list, a-jensen. All of your gliss. wishes are already accommodated, as are string indicators, etc., but there are plenty of other things from your list that we plan to add in due course.

Thank you for the answer Daniel.
About the string indicators, yes, I can find them, but I can’t figure out how to edit them like using an old style font. And I can’t find out how to add a keybord shortcut for each one. Like Ctrl+shift+1 gives a circled number 1, ctrl+shift+2 gives circled number 2 and so on.

You can’t set shortcuts for playing techniques just yet. Hopefully we’ll be able to add that relatively soon. Likewise being able to edit the appearance of playing techniques as well.


All that would make Dorico useful for (classical) guitar…

Hoping and waiting…:wink:

Found this from 2016, is it possible now to assign key commands to playing techniques?