Wish-list for Dorico

This is my first post here so I wanted to begin with congratulating the Dorico team for an outstanding software. I’m enjoying using Dorico everyday and learning more about the program. I have high hopes for Dorico and I’m looking forward to when I can exclusively work on it.

That being said I want to express my wishes for future features. I also want to point out that I work mainly with jazz based music so this is going to be a list of features that I use in other program and achieve it there with good results.

Short thing about drum notation. I watched the November edition of Discover Dorico and I’m thrilled with the drum notation! How I’m gonna enjoy making drum parts for my future projects. Cue notes were also really promising. I want to combine these two things, cues and drum notation with the first thing on my wish list and that is slash notation.

I use slash notation when making drum parts and I use cue notes as well.

  • Primary accents are rhythms in the staff with slash noteheads and stems.
  • Secondary accents are slashes in the staff without stems with cue notes on top of the staff.

This would be great to be able to do.
I of course also use slash notation for other rhythm section instruments and solo sections.

Then I would like to see jazz articulations implemented:

  • Scoop
  • Rip
  • Plop
  • Short/long fall
  • Doit
  • Bend
  • Shake

And then a short list of things I use regularly:

  • Explode and reduce feature
  • Repeat bars sign (has been promised by John Barron)
  • Bar numbers at bottom of score (This I also saw mentioned somewhere)
  • Custom templates
  • Swing playback (also saw this mentioned by Daniel)

This is what I thought of at this moment. It would be nice to know if these things are going to be implemented or not.

Keep up the good work!
Secondary accents.png
Primary accents.png

You can already show bar numbers below the bottom staff of the system, using the options on the Bar Numbers page of Layout Options. We definitely plan to add all of the jazz notations you are waiting for in future versions of the program.

Thank you for your answer Daniel!