Wish list for key commands in next Dorico

As one who scores a lot of vocal music I miss the ability to program 2 key commands.

  1. Jazz scoops. Vocals do phrasings all the time where they bend a lot of notes. I like to illustrate it with a Jazz scoop. But this can only be applied with a mouse click. It’s a shame since I use it all the time. A key command would be nice.

  2. Hide/show empty staves. When writing vocal arrangements it is so nice to be able to switch between staves - like writing on one stave when SAT is singing the same thing and at times SAT are split into 3 different systems with different rhythmic notations. Being able to toggle viewing all staves or hide empty staves would be really nice with a key command in this proces. Using Gallery view is a plan B since vocals with lyrics looks awful, but is of course doable.

I hope the team will consider these very nice suggestions. :slight_smile:

Skærmbillede 2024-02-10 kl. 12.35.53
Example of notating jazz scoops

Example of scoring with different staves

Shift-O Scoop works for me.

When reading vocal arrangements, it is so nice to stay on the same staff! :grin:

Having to continually work out which line you’re supposed to sing can be confusing, and is something else to worry about, before you’ve even got to the notes.

My golden rule is: am I saving an extra sheet of paper (e.g. rounded to the nearest four pages)? If not, then you might as well go for the clearer layout. And if I am saving a sheet, would the clearer layout be worth the extra piece of paper?