wish list, mixer and groove agent one


I add on my wish_list :

  1. A very nice stuff (that exists in sonic core mixers plug-ins) is when you make a double-clic on the cursor it returns to zero value. :wink:

  2. for groove agent one : import/export in MPD akai format (MPD18, 24, 32 …)


1: Ctrl-Click

yes but it’s less easy … I prefer double-clic if it’s possible :nerd:

Are you saying Steinberg should implement your favourite key/click combinations for certain functions just because you’ve been used to them? If that’s the case, I must ask Microsoft to implemet Ctrl-K-S for “save” in MS Word, because that’s what I got used to with WordStar in CP/M operating system back in 80’s.

Reality check: Get yourself a multi-button mouse with programmed buttons. Then you can program one of the buttoms as … and it will be even more easy than double-clicking.