Wish list: Timecode marker transformed into rhythmic notation on marker stave

One AMAZING feature to flesh out for the timecode markers track in Dorico would be, if the marker TC position could be alternatively displayed as note value set to a precise position within a cue (e.g. as an eight or quarter note for each sync point), so that ot would be easier to relate to the calculated and set syncpoints of a cue. These notes alternatively could be notated on a percussion stave and just as the markers’ position would rhythmically update to its corresponding new position after changes made in tempo or timing, notated position would update accordingly as well.
Doing this manually up to now in Sib or Fin is a huge, but in some cases necessary, chore.

I know this might sound strange to some, but it would be an invaluable feature for precise composing to picture and to live, freestyle conducting to picture in particular.

I’m definitely interested to learn more about the utility of this. Can you say a bit more about how this would help you?

Take a look at this top section of a live film score:

The Sync stave with all the sync points displays them in a musical way. This is much more musically precise than jut having a text box and the corresponding TC, b/c you can compose with those sync points in mind and also conduct much better for freetiming performances.

They still have to be entered manually but in Sibelius it takes me less than two minutes to do this, including formatting the text bits.
It would be of great help, if Dorico could display its marker sync points as musical notes as well.

Is the note value chosen for the sync point significant, or is it just the fact that you want to see an onset at the point of the hit point, and you want the rest of the bar divided up into rests?

The note value of the sync point itself is not particularly relevant, but since a purely musical representation of the Sync structure is what we want, a somewhat “clean” and uncluttered appearance should ensue from the arrangement of hitpoint notes and rests.