Wish list

I’m using Dorico a lot lately. And I come across some features I miss. Some of them rather obvious so I guess they are on a to-do list already:

Some functions don’t take keyboard shortcuts, like the switches for frames, note spacing and staff spacing. I would love to be able to add a keyboard switch or at least being able to drop the function using escape. Alternatively adding a mouse function to select the f.ex. frames by clicking somewhere on the frame away from the handles would smooth the workflow. For note spacing and staff spacing it could be f.ex. ctrl+click or right click (adding the notespacing to the top of the pop-up menu)

I know that I can change barlines (and some other right pane object) using pop-overs, but it would be nice to be able to add a keyboard switch for those objects using the most.

For the time being, I enjoy the new fingerings feature, but working with classical guitar scores, I have to move them afterwards. Here I experience that the alt+arrow up/down moves in a little too large steps. In Sibelius, I can zoom in and the steps get smaller. In Dorico I have to use the mouse, which is quite difficult doing “micro steps”.

You can assign shortcuts to the toggles for the special Engrave edit modes: Edit > Edit Staff Spacing, Edit > Edit Note Spacing, Edit > Edit Frames. If you assign shortcuts to these commands, it will also automatically switch to Engrave mode if necessary.

If you need to assign key commands to specific barlines, consider using a macro program to record a sequence like Shift+B || Return and then assign that macro to a keyboard shortcut.

Moving items in Engrave mode with Alt+arrows moves them by 1/8 space. We could make this increment smaller, but I’m dubious as to the real need. At a typical 7mm staff size, 1/8 space increment is 0.2mm!

Thank you for clarifying and suggestions for the macro programme which I will try.
Regarding the small steps - I need them to place fingerings vertically. Perhaps it is just me, but I prefer to place numbers like 3 with the barlines through the “belly” to leave the significant part of the letter undisturbed. For that, I could use smaller steps.