Wish: moveable text window

I’ve searched the forum here, and I’ve not found a solution to my problem.

I have a 22" screen, 1680x1050 resolution (Windows 10). When editing a score, regardless of magnification, horizontal scroll position or panel display, if I select a note a “Shift-X” to enter and format text, many of the elements of the text properties window are off-screen - I can’t (e.g.) select sub/super-script or fore/background colors. Of course, the window is not movable. I’m hoping for a way to move this text properties window such that I can access all of the format properties.

I’ve attached a screen capture of an example for what I’m writing here - fore/background colors not available.

+1 I agree with this suggestion! I’m sure it won’t be difficult to implement.

Every time someone says they’re sure something will be easy to implement, a programmer dies…

If this were the first time that this had been requested then maybe I’d feel differently. Then again, maybe not :wink:

Every time someone says they’re sure something will be easy to implement, a programmer dies…

As a career programmer, I know of what you speak :slight_smile:

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“I DO believe in programmers. I DO believe in programmers!”

This feature is necessary when using multiple monitors which are different in resolution.
I am not a professional programmer, but making moveable text window is not too hard when using a display. However, it could be not so easy for multiple displays in different resolutions.

The OP never mentioned multiple monitors.

If the operating system can map all the monitors onto one virtual window, having windows that overlap the physical monitors is easy (but not necessarily advisable, if toolbars etc appear across the middle of your “window”.

I have no idea how WIndows or MacOS handle monitors with different resolutions. It doesn’t make much sense for the user to be able to move a window where part of it is invisible because the monitor resolution is too low, for example.

Yes, but I am using multiple displays in diverse resolutions and in diverse inches.

My (paraphrased) quote was a reference to a well known English play.

So basically, you want Dorico to be able to do something which is too complicated for Microsoft or Apple to deal with?