wish: put symbols to all voices in one way

Could be great to put some symbol like respiration to all voices in one way like we can do with Forte,Piano…
Best regards

Using Edit > Paste Special > Duplicate to Staff Below is pretty quick in the meantime, and even quicker if you assign a key command.

Ok Thanks

I believe you can also input breath marks (but not other holds and pauses, like fermatas or caesuras) onto multiple staves at once when the caret is extended across those staves.

It works for other things but not for breath marks
Thnaks I din’t know this possibility

Dup, I’ve just double-checked and as long as you use the holds and pauses popover, you can indeed input multiple breath marks when the caret is extended across multiple staves.

ok I saw what I did wrong :
I used shift and arow down to select the notes vertically of all the voices…I must shift + arrow down the carret
Thank you again
for some other things my method worked like write caesura