Wish regarding Channel Settings and VSTi windows


I wish there were a way to change the behaviour if the the show channel settings and show instrument buttons.
Currently one click opens the windows and the next click on the button (or keyboard shortcut) closes the windows again. But I often have the situation I open a channel settings/instrument window, than click on other windows that hide the channel settings/instrument window. Now I want to bring the channel settings/instrument window to the forground again. So I click on the corresponding buttons or use my keyboard shortcut. But instead of bringing it to the foreground and showing it again, it closes the window, because it was already open.

What I want is:

  1. If the window is closed: open it and bring it to the foreground
  2. If the window is open AND in foreground/active: close the window
  3. If the window is open, but NOT in foreground/active, don’t close the window, but bring it to the foreground again. Then, when in foreground, another click can close the window (see 2.)

That would be nice when it comes to usibility.

Set them to always On Top then just click on the project page to bring them back to focus.

I have all my Instrument and Channel Settings and Mixer Windows set to Always On Top, but clicking on the project window has no effect. And even if it would work, how can Cubase know, which window I want in front of the others.

Are there dedicated show/hide options for those windows you can reach via macro?

But it would be much more handy to have a open->bring to front (if not already in front)->close sequence.