Wish Steinberg Would Schedule New CB Releases On Snowy Days

New England USA… Today we have 12" of snow and it is still falling. Nothing to do until it stops. Would have been perfect if CB 7.5.10 was released today instead of tomorrow. Wish Steinberg consulted the Farmers Almanac. :laughing:

Isn’t that the way it always goes?

Btw, is the Farmers Almanac in digital form that Steinberg can just anxiously await for a download date email notification instead of waiting for a shipped box containing possibly nothing more than only a serial number?

I remember fondly those snowed-in days back in Toronto.

Tanx for the memory Prock.

Me too! On rare occasion, school would be cancelled.

So are you from TO then Curteye? Born & raised like I am?

Cabbagetown in Hogtown eh?

And so they met again, the twin sisters separated at birth by the sinister nurse …

I don’t ever remember them closing the school because of snow - we weren’t so lucky in the Beaches. :laughing:

And this week we had here 41° celsius (or 105.8 Fahrenheit)…please send me some snow! :laughing:

A Cabbage town! I did some work in a writer’s apartment’s down there.

Hahaha! :smiley:

Wow - now that’s hot!!!

Well we got only our second snow fall just this morning - but it’s almost all gone already!
Besides that, the shipping rates would be outrageous - even if it didn’t melt by the time it got to you! :slight_smile:

Hope you keep cool!

Holy cow…! 10 to 15 inches of snow expected today. Does that mean we are getting another Cubase upgrade tomorrow? :laughing:

Maybe we need to take a poll…

What’s better:

105.8 deg F or -8 deg F (which we had yesterday morning)

For me it’s almost a tossup… I guess I would get used to the high temperature. The cold is just that. COLD!

Actually there’s no such thing as cold - it’s just a lack of heat. :wink:

That’s just too f’in’ hot for me!!
My mood changes directly proportionate to my increasing discomfort level - namely sweat.

I don’t like feeling any sweat at all.

As far as cold, at least you can add or subtract clothing layers until you’re comfortable.

I also don’t like to sweat, but this is an impossible task here right now… :laughing:

hot as hell! :smiling_imp:

Stay close to the A/C!