Wish to change channel configuration directly on a track

It would be great if I could change channel configuration from an existing track, like from stereo to 5.1…etc.
This will speed up my template building and also have the flexibility when I need to re-config the channel width.
Hope to see this function in Nuendo some day soon:>


Currently doing some template maintenance after a project and just ran into this same problem. :sweat_smile:

I’d love to see this, too. It’d make these changes go much quicker.

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Update - I looked over Cubase 13 features today and this is one of the things that was added. Stereo to mono and vice versa. Hopefully they carry that over to Nuendo 13 and increase it to surround formats, too! :grin:


This wish has been expressed many times. There are several threads here in the forum where the pros and cons are controversially discussed. As @PostAudioforMedia mentioned, Cubase 13 now allows you to switch between stereo and mono configurations.
With other channel configurations, however, this is still not possible. Perhaps this will come with the next version… :wink: