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I’ show more than 60 wishes in 2 videos

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Part 2

Here is part 3

Wow, you put a lot of work into this. I’m sure it kept you busy for a while.
Many of the limitations you mention are rather theoretical, and not really a limitation to my workflow, though.

great effort!

this should keep steinberg busy for 126 years to come.

activating solo-defeat in the arrange can be done using ctrl+alt+click on the solo button.
unchecking preferences > editing > link editors will enable opening up more separate midi (key) editor windows.

Thanks lukasbrooklyn. You are right, that you can use different separate key editors. I didn’t know this and wrote a commentar at the youtube video.
The same with solo-defeat. Funny thing. In the mixer window there are two more possibilities: 1. long mouseclick 2. press alt+mouseclick. Why are there so many different possibilities? This drives me crazy :wink:

possibilities… welcome to the 21st century. this is when people break down and do zen stuff like leo babauta or the equivalent in the audio world, drum machine recorded onto a tape machine. :slight_smile:

back on topic-- cubase/nuendo is the king of these little redundancies. take sends’ panning for instance. the inspector shows the channel settings including sends, but not their panning. the mixconsole is the same. only the channel edit window shows you the sends’ panning.

the mediabay-- there’s the full mediabay, the loop browser AND the minibrowser. now on top of that, we’ve got a 4th iteration of the same thing, the ‘docked’ mediabay in c8. again, it is tiny bit different in that you cannot make a ‘logical’ filtering search; you are limited to ‘attributes’-based searches. so, four iterations of the same thing, each a little different.

you could go on.

Excellent presentation! Count me in as a supporter for these updates/upgrades!

Great List! Thank you!

Thanks. The next video is coming soon.

Video 4 is online. I’ve found a bug, when you work with groups, that can destroy your whole mix.



Thank you for the great feedback.

great effort again, +1 of almost all of those!

re: the very last one: you can define the length of the displayed string of a track’s name in track control settings, under name > length. it could be nice if the displayed number could automatically stretch based on the longest trackname though…

re: looking up the correct midi out: totally agree, this is very frustrating. i think a nice solution could be to just add a fulltext search function which steinberg already have programmed into the application (for looking up plugins or tracknames). so it should be a very simple fix imho.

Not long enough! :unamused:


Impressive comparative work Tim.

I would be interested to know if you did try Reaper.

According to the peoples using it, there are in it many functions that can deliver a fast and powerful workflow.

The macro language and deep customization possibilities seems to be two of the main reasons that could explain the Reaper success for some users.

I did try reaper only for a very short time, but i’ve seen two important interesting things in it :

For people working on advanced surround mixes Reaper do have 64 output channels available per track. That is simply not possible inside Nuendo. In association with a surround plugin like Reasurround this gives terrific possibilities when mixing for advanced surround. Nuendo cannot do advanced multichannel surround, and even worst Dolby Atmos (that can be seen as a high end surround format) is not yet supported.

On top of that Reaper do have some modern capabilities in the mix area, like for example object effects and EQ, something that Samplitude had many years before Reaper. But Reaper did implement it quite soon.

Nuendo is still using track effects and EQ, something really bad when you need to frequently move objects (events) safely between tracks. More, Nuendo do have a bug at this level : when using Shuffle editing mode, track automation does not follow events. You can destroy a mix because of that.

For me, automation, effects and EQ limited to tracks is something of the past and is certainly a consequence of the Nuendo audio engine, that should have been rewrote years ago to avoid those limitations. Hopefully Nuendo 7 will have the required audio engine to manage this and will propose the functionalities we can see for example inside Samplitude X2.

So if you did try Reaper i would be interested to know your comments, specially if you did see some exclusive things inside Reaper that have not be seen elsewhere.

Thank you helidream. I know about Reaper. But I want to stay at Nuendo.

I was just asking for your comments about some eventual Reaper functions that could enhance Nuendo.

Yes, I would like to have most of the features. Object FX are great.

Yes object FX and EQ is very useful and this is something that Samplitude did introduce very soon in 1998 if i’m right inside Samplitude 2496 with the object editor.

At this time Nuendo was not born. It was released in the spring of 2000 if i’m right after 4 years of development. Sadly Nuendo developers did not take this into account for their product development. Perhaps because at this time working with objects was something very new for sound engineers. Finally Nuendo did keep the old school track only related FX and EQ and this is still the case for version 6.5 after 15 years of development, excepted for a couple exceptions like events volume curves.

I feel that the pressure to get this functionality will grow because the younger sound engineer generation that do not have the old days analog recording consoles habits will ask for a more modern workflow.

Samplitude is still improving those object oriented features according to what i’ve seen inside the X2 version. It is now possible for example to transfer track automation to objects for a more flexible workflow.

Hopefully this will be present inside Nuendo 7.

For peoples not used to true object editing, here is an interesting layman article comparing and explaining what we can do inside well known DAW softwares in the area of object non destructive editing as of 2012.


I’d love many of these … Some of them sooooo basic. Eg. Seeing whole track name!

In Regards to the smart tool I always thought it would make sense to do it the way WaveLab does. The tool changes when different parts of the audio part are moused over… in fact a lot of the audio editing could benefit from WaveLab. Not the GUI design though!

Here is a new little video with two bugs at ADR:


Tim, in answer to the issues you raise in your video.

-Re-record mode is not supported/not part/not considered within the ADR functionality. The nature of the re-recording feature is so that it would hardly be usable within the ADR toolset. When someone is dubbing on the other side, you need to stop and start the loop again, including pre-roll.

-It is normal that Nuendo records the cycle range, because you haven’t selected the marker after modifying the length of the marker. If you would have done that, the cycle range would have snapped to the new marker range. Without selecting the marker, the application can’t possibly know that you have changed things.