Wishlist for the next update

Hi everybody,
while downloading DP3, some wishes for the next update:

  • As I play some monophonic synths (e.g. Minimoog,Korg, Roland), I would like to have a single synth staff (note system) - just for either the right or left hand.
  • Is it possible to include just the new sounds (upgrade from the former version) to the sound installer? -My computer is not that fast and downloading 9.5 GB takes a night…
    And - surely more complicated:
    What about small cadenza notes (e.g. Liszt Liebestraum No.3) - I posted a thead about this before.

Moreover: Congrats to your new version - the condensing and the playback feature is g r e a t !!!

Please don’t start a thread with rushes for the next version on the day a new version comes out. Just give us a bit of time, for goodness sakes.

You should be able to achieve any Liszt-style small notes needed using tuplets and by scaling the notes using the Properties panel. If this isn’t sufficient somehow, please provide more details.

You’re right!

Have a good night, Daniel!!