With All My Heart and Soul

Here’s a new one I wrote recently.

Been trying to keeps things simple lately.

Like your style…like your sound…rather cool and laid back and your lyrics are always interesting but gotta say about this song that it does need a middle 8 section/refrain or something before you repeat the verse, just feel that it needs a little something extra somewhere after the guitar, I feel awful bad saying this to a talented guy but hey, we need constructive criticism don’t we…still enjoyed the listen…Kevin


Always appreciate advice particularly from songwriters I respect. You are not the only one that has made that comment about this song. With my studio still down for a while, I haven’t been able to do much. I have been playing around with a trial version of cubase 7 and a UR22 but my regular music computer is in storage.

Thanks again.

OK mate…no problem, I’m about to change my interface and I wonder if you can tell me your thoughts on the UR22, it’s on my list so any comments would be appreciated, cheers, Kevin

the opening vocal line is quality , nice laid back feel,and great guitar work . i allways look foreward to lisening to your stuff .