With Dorico, what's the best way of achieving this?

So I’m getting to grips with Cubase 9.5PRO and my KONTAKT Ultimate 11 package and Symphony Series orchestra upgrade.

I understand how to create an orchestral template in Cubase and have done so with separate instances of KONTAKT covering woodwind, strings, brass and percussion. This involves having one instance of KONTAKT for WW, STRG, BRASS and 3 more for all of PERC. I have learned also how to direct the instances of KONTAKT out of the PC so the whole orchestra comes up on the YAMAHA 02R desk as :

INP 1-2: Fl /Ob
INP 3-4: Cl/Bsn
INP 5-6: Vl I
INP 7-8: VL II
INP 9-10: Vla
INP 11-12: Vc/Dbs
INP 13-14: Horns
INP 15-16: Trpts
INP 17-18: Tbns/Tb
INP 19-20: LoFq PERC
INP 21-22: MidFq PERC
INP23-24: HiFq PERC

I wanted originally to do a similar setup in Dorico, but after investigating how to use KONTAKT today in Dorico, it seems I would be limited to a sole stereo output into the desk. I am at the moment using midi channels in Cubase and using CC messages to change the various instrument expressions. I plan on using Cubase’s ability to change sample types (pizz , legato etc.) using the expression maps I saw in this excellent video by Dick Ehlert (43’ 50’’):

Sorry about the preamble, but I’m thinking now a workaround to having limited outputs and expression maps available in Dorico would be to score in Dorico and have the sound played back in Cubase. Is this the right way to do it? Would that be setting the instruments in Dorico (in PLAY) to output midi channels? I have 2 midi ports on the RME Hammerfall card, a DAW port on the KOMPLETE KONTROL S25 keyboard, 3 I think on the Nektar Panorama P6, so probably have enough midi ports to go from one program to another?

I ultimately want to score in Dorico and have a decent representation of it coming out the other end. My first attempt with using the strings from the Symphony Series library in Cubase is here:

I programmed this in Cubase, after scoring it in Dorico, which I’ve attached. If I could combine the two processes it would be great…

Any thoughts?
Tissue2.zip (1.59 MB)

How do I attach a Dorico file?

I’ve just noticed rather amusingly, poor ‘Richard’ Ehlert’s name has been ‘beeped’ out.

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Thanks L.Salgueiro

When you load Kontakt, ensure that you have the “Kontakt 16 out” version of the plugin. Then in the Kontakt mixer, ensure that each input channel is routed to a separate output. They will then appear as separate channels in Dorico.

Hi Paul,
Thanks for that. I am using the Kontakt 16 out’ version of the plug in. I have assigned the number of outputs as described in this Cubase video.


At 1’ 57’’, the YouTuber re-opens Kontakt so the changes take effect and selects the number of outputs he needs for that instance of Kontakt. I’ve successfully done this in Cubase, but at this point in Dorico, there is no tab in the Kontakt pane to select available outputs.

After reading a thread from November 2017, I presume multiple audio outputs are not available yet in Dorico?

I should have added, that the meters in the Dorico mixer illuminate in the various Kontakt output meters (Kt-st1, Kt-st.2, etc) as well as the main ‘Output’, but no sound other than from the main ‘Output’.

Ah right, I see what you mean. Dorico only currently has support for a single stereo output.