With independent open rhythm time signature, the last barline dissapears on 2nd system

I’ve encountered a strange behaviour, very subtle. If using open rhythm in an independent time signature (by clicking Shift+M, X, alt+Enter), if one measure of that independent time signature spans over more than a system, that system lacks the final barline.
In order to reproduce it I’ve done the following:

  1. In a new project, add two pianos
  2. Set the time signature to 4/4
  3. Set the 2nd piano staves to an open rhythm (x) time signature
  4. Fill the first piano with notes, until a system break occurs.

The second system of the second piano lacks a final barline.
Final barline missing with independent time signature.dorico.zip (325 KB)

Hi Lucas,

I would just enter the music, when the layout of the bars ist set, simple add a barline at the beginning of the next system, or wherever you need a barline at the end of the previous system. Dorico does not know where the open time signature ends till you enter a new time signature or a barline.


Thank you Rafael

I wasn’t referring to the barline of the previous system. It doesn’t have a barline and it shouldn’t until you write it. I was actually referring to the last barline. In the gif you attached, that barline also appears as soon as you add the one in the system break.
The behaviour is different if the open time signatures aren’t local. With two players in free rhythm, if you fill in the notes of the first player, both barlines appear at the end of the flow when the first break occurs.

ok, now i understand. Enter the final barline in the instrument with the open time signature.

I wouldn’t consider this behaviour incorrect, but rather undefined. You should be able to create an explicit final barline in order to make the barline apply to all instruments in the system.