With Me

I’m finally confident enough to put this one out here :sunglasses:

The lyrics, vocals and guitar are by my friend Freek, I did the recording, drums, bass, synths, the vocal harmony and the mix.
This was the first time I felt my mix transferred well to my cheaper systems, so don’t tell me it’s bad :stuck_out_tongue:
(Please do tell me if it’s bad!)

The mix sounds good to me. Nice song. I think you might want to spend time on the drum part; it’s fairly uniform throughout. Give it some variety in different sections, I’d say. After that, same for the bass.

The mix translates well here too. Tight kick and bass, no wool. :wink:

I like the song and Freek has an appealing voice.

For me, the guitar is a tad too upfront compared to the whole mix,
especially the vocal. There are some timing issues 00:25~1:00 which throw the song off.
One or two in other spots as well.

Still, a finished project (sort of). You must be happy with that. :wink:

Cheers guys :slight_smile:
re drum timing: I already spent ages getting it to this point, after a while I just couldn’t be bothered improving it anymore. It’s not as easy as it may sound, because Freek did drift around the metronome quite a bit. If I can find the motivation I’ll get on that again. Might have to redo a part regardless, if I want to follow Early’s advice.

I like your comment on the guitar vs vocal Jet, I only just realised that I mixed the vocal really wide and the guitar dead center, while it should probably be the other way around. I’ll experiment with that. I did make the choice consiously at the time, because I felt the vocal wouldn’t really blend in well, but I agree it would probably be better if I can make the vocal a bit more prominent in favour of the guitar.

As for variety: Same old problem of course, in this case I could blame it on the fact that the arrangement isn’t actually my own :stuck_out_tongue:. Problem with this particular track is that there’s not really much room for a build-up, because the song is short and very reliant on the same guitar part throughout. I’ll see what I can think off, although I can’t really see myself do much to the bass part as it is, unless I get a major inspiration boost on that front :slight_smile:.

Another issue with this recording was the fact that Freek tuned his guitar while I was printing his lyrics for him downstairs. He tuned it just fine, but not to a reference so when I started playing my parts it was all out of tune. That does limit my options a bit on which instruments I can use, because my keyboard doesn’t let me transpose in such small increments. Luckily on my synth and HalionSonicSE you can change the root note, I believe I went with A=445Hz in the end. Another lesson learned, never leave your guitarist alone when he’s tuning :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, I like the song too :smiley:
Bit late in the night for me to go too deep into a mix, but I reckon dropping the level a bit on the gtr and sticking it in some reverb will help give it some distance, possibley some EQ work as well. Got a slight nasal tone to it (might not be the right word im looking for) which I think clashes slightly with the vocal.
Where I hear the gtr in the mix at the moment, it almost sounds like its in front of the singer at neck height.
A little volume, verb and a touch of EQ work, see if you can get it to sit at waist height :wink:
Vocal to come down a little too, and maybe the snare also, you’d have to wait and see what it all sounds like if you made the other changes.

Its not bad, sounds pretty good in my cans, just a few tweeks I reckon :sunglasses:

Thanks Sav, I’ll get on it :slight_smile:

A nice song with a nice mood…sort of James taylor feel about it, I agree with the others regarding drums and the odd timing issue here and there…drums is usually an issue with me also…it’s bloody hard work getting a god drum arrangement going…Kevin