"With Pedal" marking

This is more of a playback than an notation issue but how would Dorico deal with pedal markings that call for continuity without ever spelling out quite how? I’ve attached one example. I’m assuming that the pedal changes would be synchronised with the chord changes - although arguably some could be sustained longer. There are examples in other pieces where pedal markings are highlighted for a few bars and then then a general instruction to continue is given.

It’d be brilliant not to have to enter this throughout and then hide it all - much better to let Dorico take over and deal with it, but I suspect that’s far from easy for Dorico to handle.

Dorico wouldn’t. All notation is, but this one is especially directed to the performer. If anything, this reminds the player that pedal should be used, ad libitum and according to his culture and practice — even more so if this is to be taken in a freely, improvisatory manner. And thus, I feel this is very much on a user’s part to handle if he wants detailed playback.

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I agree with LSalgueiro on this one. But if you in general would like the notes to be held a bit longer, have a look at Playback options -> Timing -> Default notes. Increasing this value may give you what you want.

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I totally take your point. The reality would be that anyone playing the notated music would put their own slant on it. If the end product is just notation obviously a development such as this isn’t necessary. However, I was more interested in how Dorico - taking on the role of the performer - would handle it. For two reasons really: 1) It would remove a significant amount of time from the editing process and 2) If (as I suspect) a small number of variations could cover the majority of what performers would be aiming for, it would be fascinating, and instructive / helpful, to hear the results.

Thanks Anders - appreciated. That would work up to a point, but if the instruction to terminate pedal markings occurs in the middle of the same piece, we’ll have a problem.

I do understand where you’re coming from, but he expression “taking on the role of the performer” just rubs me the wrong way. I know Dorico tries doing what one would’ve done before they do it, but that doesn’t always work. Right now, you can hide pedal lines; you can create a two-beat pedal line and repeat it as needed for playback. I’d much rather want to be able to record controller values in real time and/or draw envelopes in the sequencer. I was never one to hide my excitement in these forums, but I feel we’re all in hyperdrive, thinking what if Dorico could do this or automate that, but some decisions are ours to make — especially when that’s precisely the point the score is trying to make!

Yeah, the values are global. But I’ve found that keeping it a bit higher than the default gives a better result with Pianoteq.
One feature I would love to see somewhere down the road is the ability to record pedal data. Not for the sake of notation, but for playback.