With the new iZotope plugins, the 'double tap' on the plugin header is now causing problems in WL11

This just started with the recent iZotope updates, Oz10, RX10, Neutron, etc. All my other plugins still respond as expected by reducing the GUI to display just the plugin header (on a dbl click) and then returning to it’s full GUI size on a subsequent dbl click. It may take a few clicks but eventually, once it starts, all the iZotope plugins become frozen.

Eventually, if I pursue the issue, WL will simply close. I doubt there is a crash report because it’s a rather odd shut down - WL just disappears.

I sent a support email to iZotope, I’m thinking the problem is theirs to solve. For now, this feature (that I have grown to like very much) is something I will avoid.

I’ve seemed to have sorted this. By setting WL to 32 bit processing, my Ozone plugins (which are 32 bit) are now opening and closing via the DBL click on the plugin GUI header.