With the new MixConsole/Editor/Sampler Control...

With this new lower tab/window that has the mixconsole/editor/sampler control/chord pad, is it possible to have this all formatted to a second monitor?

I like the idea of it but I don’t want it eating up space on my arrangement window and was hoping it could all be on the second monitor with my main monitor with the arrangement view left alone.


Yes you can. I have the editor open on my second screen. You just hit the arrow looking button to detach it. I have my midi editor and my wave editor open at the same time on my second monitor. Not sure about the others no need for them right now

so are you saying that you can open projects this way or that you can open the window this way?

What I am wanting is my bottom tab window to always be on my second monitor and not have to move it there.

Just to clarify…

Can the lower zone open up on a second monitor by default?

this solves it mostly

I switch the lower zone preferences to open midi/audio editor in a separate window. I really don’t use the lower zone that much.Assign a key command to the editors,I notice when I delete a audio region in my project page the audio editor closes on my second monitor. So I have to double click a event or press my key command on the region/event to open it back up on my 2nd monitor.