Wits end with "cannot connect to core midi" message

Never do I receive this message on start up with Logic X… far too frequently with Cubase.

Why is this constantly an issue with Cubase?

In Cubase go to studio set up and connect your core midi that should fix it.

Here is the message when starting up Cubase 9.5:

Are you referring to the midi set up? There are not options to connect to any core midi that I can see:

Do you have logic open when using Cubase ? If so that’s the problem.
You can’t have 2 DAWs open at the same time. You also have to wait a few seconds before
Opening another Daw…

Thanks for your reply.
No I never have them both open at the same time.
Perhaps Logic is holding the core midi hostage. Sometimes it will be hours between using Logic X then Cubase. Always requires a reboot which is pain.

Okay so you need to reboot. I’m not sure what’s up with that. But I found a few posts about this issue: