Wizardry required

Are there by any chance any MIDI magicians present who maybe have figured how to convert notes of a MIDI track to frequencies and plug them into an automation track with frequency scaling.

So let’s say I have a MIDI track with notes.
I want them to become automation values.
Those shall set the cutoff frequency of my frequency2 plugin.

Is there anything that would make this possible?

Thanks & cheers

Ah, let me guess, the answer is as always LFO-Tool.

Ok, after trying around for too long, I remember Steinberg plugins are too effing stupid to receive MIDI CC data, aren’t they. 'Cause as soon as I insert any other plugin it works. Yeah well who would have thought.

My first idea would be: use the Logical Editor to create controller values from the MIDI notes, which could look like this:

You can then convert these values into MIDI automation values

and, as a final step, copy them to the appropriate Frequency automation track.

Yeah, nice. That’s at least a static way to do it.
I figured how to solve it dynamically with LFO-Tool, but I would have to use another equalizer/filter-plugin, because Frequency2 can’t handle MIDI CC input.

Thanks very much, that’s a big help
(i cut off an entire track by hand, marking every note as a range and setting a new automation value with loop, that’s a lot of time if I need to do it again)

Without knowing exactly what you want to do, my suggestion would be to use Retrologue.
This plugin has a side-chain input for external audio signals and offers various filters. These can be controlled directly via MIDI notes without having to go through automation.