Wizooverb in Cubase7

After CB7 some plugs stop working. One of them being Wizooverb, a fairly cheap and very good ir convolution reverb. I would like to try out different things to still be able to use this reverb in some way in CB7, but I need the latest update for MAC. Mine does not seem to be that latest. Anybody out there that think they have the latest MAC update and can send it to me? I know that “latest” is many years ago. I do however cross my fingers that some people out there has kept it. I promise to post on this forum if I am able to make it work. I already made Broomstick bass (with some bass sounds still unbeaten) work through Rewire and will post that on this forum next weekend.

i have wizooverb w7 and w5 working fine on my 64 bit, win7 cubase 7. ed

i see you are on a mac. from what I recall, wizooverb doesn’t support intel macs. I migh be wrong though. m-audio took over handling of it. see if their page has any info. ed here; http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=support.faq&ID=10e229dbee830f75c93d0a1679180a7f