WL 10.0.20 Broke Loop Responsiveness

Many of the sound designers among us love fast, responsive loop playback, especially being able to drag a selection (or border of a selection) and the audio engine should cope with this operation. It used to be stellar in WaveLab versions before 10.0.20. I have high hopes that this can be remedied. It IS important! I make birds chirps and all kinds of cool sounds based on looping selections. Right now, I can’t any longer do that in WaveLab.

Here is a video that illustrates what I mean:

(Edit: Changed video link.)

I will check that in the next days.

I use WL mostly for different purposes and therefore didn’t know the loop points can be dragged this way (like in your video). I just get a selection copy cursor. Where can I set this functionality? Can’t find anything in the manual describing this. Thanks in advance.

Ah - nice one! Thank you. I searched under Loop etc. Maybe it would be good to have a note in the Loop sections of the manual to point to this clever function.