WL 10 issues - Plugins using CPU even when turned off

This is a problem in WL10, and was also a problem for me in 9.5. If I have plug-ins in the plug-in tree, they appear to be actively using CPU even when they are turned off. The CPU monitor at the bottom of the WL display is maxed out, and there are sometimes anomalies in the sound and/or the display stutters with certain plugins installed, (particularly those from Isotope RX), whether not they are turned ‘on’.

Removing all plugins from the tree drops the CPU to near zero, even when actively editing in the wave or spectrum display.

Is there a way to have the plugins visible in my workspace but have them turned off until I need them? Having to install/uninstall plugins in the middle of my work flow is a crazy waste of time.

And if this is a known issue or a bug, could it be added to the list of fixes for the next update?

Thank you one an all.

Antheia B.

Wavelab 10/Windows 10, 8 core AMD FX processor, 32 GB Ram, RX 7, etc.

Is this just with specific plugins … like acustica for example … or all

From WaveLab 10, as in most DAWs as Cubase, processing continues with injected silence, while in Stop mode. This allows a faster re-start.
This being said, some improvement for the “silent” mode, have been done for upcoming WaveLab patch.