WL 10 Montage Crashing on Startup

A montage that was created a few days ago won’t open now and crashes on startup. Are there any ways to load with plugins bypassed and then add them to find what is causing the crash? Also, an older version of the same montage opens correctly and has the same plugins to my knowledge. I can PM a crash log if that helps…

OSX 10.14.6
WLPro 10.0.70 (updated from 10.0.40 while troubleshooting, but didn’t change anything)

The crash report could be useful for @PG1 to say which plugin is causing the crash, and then you could manually remove this plugin from your VST or VST3 folder. That’s the only real way I know of to do this.

I don’t believe WaveLab has a native option to load a montage without any plugins. If the offending plugin is the global master section, that’s a little easier to clear up.

I had this happen one time in the last year, and Toneprojects Unisum plugin was the culprit. What’s strange is that despite all the software versions being 100% the same (MacOS, WaveLab, plugin), the montage would open OK on one Mac but not the other.

Hey @Justin_P ! Yeah, I can send a crash report if @PG1 DMs me. I can remove the plug if I know which one, but I’m also confused since I’m using the same plugins in a different session and have no issues - which sounds like your experience. I just can’t make any sense of the crash report, personally…

If you zip the crash report, you can attach it to this forum usually.

Ok - the crash report is attached. Let me know if you get a chance to look, @PG1 . And thanks for being around to do stuff like this and answer questions. You, too, @Justin_P . Really appreciate the help-

WaveLab Pro 10.0_2021-09-27-143628_Joes-Mac-Pro.crash.zip (28.8 KB)

I’m not a professional crash report reader but the first thing I see is Ozone. Are you on 8 or 9?

Crash happens in Ozone 9 plugin.

Ok - thank you, @PG1 . It looked that way looking at the report, but I really didn’t know what I was looking at. I thought maybe it was scanning all plugins.

@Justin_P it was Ozone 9 Vintage Limiter. I very rarely use that, but it must have worked for one song. That’s what I get for changing it up!

I’ll be able to get around it now. Thanks!

Interesting. Yeah, I haven’t really used that on in WaveLab but I’d say of the few Ozone 9 Advanced modules I use, they seem OK in WaveLab.

That being said, I’d encourage WaveLab/iZotope users to message iZotope to see if they’ll consider supporting anything beyond WaveLab 9 and where their maintenance updates have gone in the last 12 to 18 months.

I actually didn’t even know it wasn’t supported past WL9 until you just said that. Which makes a lot of since with my issue and that I rarely use that limiter. I may just bail on Ozone until they support WL10-11.

Do you ever have issues with RX with WL10?

Since RX has such a high CPU load, and since I am OCD and only spot edit the parts that need it vs. running RX on entire songs/tracks, I never use RX inside WaveLab itself.

It seems to work OK as WaveLab’s external editor.

Here’s a screen shot of Ozone 9 system requirements. They only support up through Catalina, and the last maintenance update was May, 2020 and even that looks like a minor update (note the “a”) to a previous/older maintenance update.