WL 10 not loading saved Master Section settings

Just noticed this today:

I save a Master Section preset to a song and it seems to work fine. But after quitting WL10 and opening the program again, it is unable to load any preset and sees no save at all!

Any ideas?

Thanks - DL

You have to load the attached Master Section preset explicitly, with the little menu at the bottom right of the screen.

That’s exactly what I’m doing, as I’ve done for years, but “Load Master Section Preset” is grayed out, even after having saved a preset… any ideas?

No problem here, but do you have this option checked? (you should)

I do have that option checked, yes. Everything works fine as long as i don’t quit WL. However after quitting WL i no longer have the option to load anything and it acts as though I’ve never saved a preset.

Any ideas?


Maybe navigate to the master section preset for 9.5 (which is a separate folder) and see if the saved preset is there.

I don’t use the global master section ever (kind of for this reason) but in my transition to WL10, I did have a plugin chain preset accidentally save to the 9.5 prefs folder instead of the WL 10 folder, so it definitely can happen.

If you close the audio file and reopen it again, without qutting WaveLab, and then reset the Master Section, can you access the stored preset? This preset is stored in the file with the .vs extension. Do you see this file?
But I assume you use an audio file here. Maybe you are using a montage?

I am using an audio file yes.

And when save a preset, then close the file without quitting, and then reopen the file i am NOT able to load anything. It’s grayed out.

Can you verify if a .vs file is created? Next to your file or to a custom folder, according to your settings.

Hi PG,

Yes, the .vs file is in the same folder as the original audio…right next to it. Once i close the file, with or without quitting WL10 the option to open the saved preset is grayed out… any ideas? This functionality works fine on 9.5.5.

Thanks - Drew

I don’t have an idea, as this is working fine here. And I don’t see where the problem could come from.

I appreciate your trying to fix this PG, thanks.

Strangely enough, this all works perfectly when running Catalina…might be time to upgrade from whatever has crawled in and caused this weirdness!