WL 11.0.20 and learn function of RX 9 spectral denoiser

Dear all,

I’m having a hard time with getting the RX9 spectral denoiser learn function to work in WL 11. If I select an audio range in the wave, then click the learn button in the plugin so it turns blue , then click WL’s play button or press the space bar to play, the learn function focus of the plugin is lost and nothing happens. Sometimes it does work, but that’s kinda hit and miss. Has anyone figured out how to get it to work in WL?

BTW, the RX 7 plugin has the same problem. It seems to me it’s more a problem of how wavelab 11 handles focus of the different interface components.
best, Peter

FWIW, there are no versions of WaveLab listed as a supported host.

I would write to iZotope and ask them to prioritize some WaveLab support.

For now I would consider using the External Editor feature of WaveLab to get audio to and from the Standalone RX app which might be more stable for now.

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You have to put the cursor on the start of the highlighted area and then play the highlighted area. The plugin works fine on my Windows 10 machine and I just did a very large project utilizing the RX spectral denoise plugin. FWIW I am using WL 11.0.20.

Sorry, doesn’t work for me, clicking play or pressing the space bar steals focus. How do you start playback, which shortcut do you use?

In my experience, Izotope prioritizes compatibility between RX and other Izotope software. It’s kind of hit-or-miss regarding stuff from other companies.

The space bar is what I use. FWIW

Hi I use RX 9 denoise mostly as clip plugin and in that situation the learn function works well with WL 11

iZotope has very recently updated RX9 along with pretty much all their DAW related software so I wonder if you are using the latest version? All said, I suggest using it within the external editor tab in WL as Justin suggests. Doing this allows for a more varied sampling of RX options which I find useful…

The problem persists with RX 9.20

Ah, OK, that’s the latest. But, beyond this, I typically use RX in the external editor. You should really try this, it really is a better way to access RX9. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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