WL 11.0.20 Master Section Plugin Chain Window BUG

Hi PG,

Using the Plugin Chain Window to view all of my plugins in the master section and running into a major issue: all of the controls for on/off, etc have been moved over to the right and on plugins with smaller GUI windows the >> expand button to turn them on and off isn’t even visible! It tries to expand out but only nudges a tiny bit and shows no additional controls. This isn’t an issue for large GUI plugins, but I have had to roll back to the previous version of WL until this is addressed.

Can you please help?

Thanks so much - DL

Please show a picture to illustrate your case.

Here it is working perfectly on the AMEK, but unable to expand after being pressed on the “>>” using the Vertigo. The dialogue just nudges ever so slightly right, changes color and then goes back to the way it was.

Thoughts? Thanks PG!

Thanks. This will need to be studied. I can’t answer now.

Thanks PG, appreciate your help whenever you can get to it!

Cheers - DL