WL 11.1 master section window freezing

after I open my montage with tracks and reload preset in master section for given track, the window with plugins opens freezed. I can’t click in and change parameters of plugs even I can’t change between plugs or close the window with click on X. Can anybody help me?


What kind of plugins in the chain ?

regards S-EH

chain: Fabfilter Q3, DSEQ3, Knif Soma,UAD Ampex,UAD Fairchild 670, UAD Elysia Alpha master, UAD Oxford limiter
in playback section: Metric AB, SPL Hawkeye, Izotope tonal balance

Possible to load one by one to see which one is the “culprit” :wink:
I mean load one plugin then one more in the chain…

anyone else have ideas here !?

regards S-EH

10 plugins are a lot of plugins. How powerful is your computer? How much memory? What OS??? Need some answers to answer your question.

I don ´t think it´s computer power.
before when I worked in this montage everything worked fine, but when I opened it today it freezes. I didn ´t install anything or changed any settings.

Mac or PC and OS Version???

If I had to bet, I would start with removing Izotope Tonal Balance.

SPL Hawkeye followed by Metric AB would be my first two guesses for buggy plugins that don’t work well in WaveLab.

I’m running mac pro xeon 3.5 GHz 6core, 64G ram, but I think it’s not about power.
thanks to all for your advices…
my suspition is somewhere between plugs. today I do another try to find out…
but strange is that when I load the presets, not all are freezing… but the chain is same in all of them.
I started my tries with removing playback plugs … nothing changed … freezing presets still freezing.
So I continue plug by plug and it seems like bad saved presets…
but finally when I removed Fabfilter Q3 it stops freezing…
So I have a question what’s wrong? I’ve been using it for few years without any troubles… Maybe setting of oversampling?? but why it’s not freezing in other saved presets??

Final update:
So after lots of checking the plugs which one is my enemy I can tell Justin was right with SPL Hawkeye. So sorry SPL I don’t use Hawkeye anymore.