WL 11 and Mojave, what could go wrong?

I just tried out WL 11 Elements under Mojave on my old, trusty MacPro and it seems to run very well.
WL11 Elements shows only one quirk so far: switching between an Aggregated Audio Device and a single card mutes the audio. But this is resolved with a WL restart and just done once.
Usually this MacPro is my WL Pro machine and I waited so long for multi-channels to happen with WL. Catalina is out of consideration, not only because of the hardware, but also it would break several things for me. This work place has a lot of external hardware and all is running smoothly - no need to change. But I would like to update to WL 11 Pro on this machine.
What could go possibly wrong under Mojave? What are the ‘risks’ and drawbacks?

FWIW, this is a general WL Elements 11 bug that will be solved soon.

Generally speaking, WL11 seems to be working well in Mojave despite not being officially supported.

I don’t know of any risks or drawbacks, other than Apple will stop support Mojave in a few months :slight_smile:

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Got the WL Pro 11 update and it seems to run just fine on Mojave as expected. Fantastic update for my workflows!

This bug will be fixed in 11.0.10 patch, coming soon.

Wavelab Pro 11 has been working great on my 2012 Mac Pro running Mojave.

Just FYI This has a Radeon RX 580 graphics card (metal capable) which allowed the upgrade to Mojave