WL 11 bug?

Hi to all here,
I encounter a strange thing on WL11 : when I use the Global analysis then go to the highest peak and reduce it from some dB, I use the Analyze button to refresh the values, it does’nt show any changes.
I have to close WL and reopen it to see the new values in Global Analysis.
I don’t have this problem with WL10, so I decided not to use WL11 any more for this task and go back to WL10.
Am I the only one to have this problem ?
Thanks for your answers.

I can’t reproduce a bug.
Note: if there is a selected audio range, only this one is analyzed. Else the whole file.

This happens with the whole file analysis.

I would be curious to see a small video, to really see how you do, because I can’t find any problem with 11.0.20

Well I had to learn how to make a video on W10 (Windows+G, etc.).
But the problem is that it doesn’t show the Global analysis window nore the Ctrl+G window.
So it’s useless.
If you know another way to record it…
By the way if I find a way to record correctly, how can I send it to you ? A link to a Google drive ?

As I am very bad in English, I explain my procedure:
I run a Global Analysis of the whole file to detect the highest peaks, I check Real peaks then use Focalisation to go to the highest peak, I use the Ctrl+G tool to attenuate the XdB level the peak and then when I run the global analysis again, the value has not changed. I specify that there is no other peak at the same level.
And I have to close WL and reopen it so that the global analysis shows me the new peak values which was lowered.
I have absolutely no such problem with WL10.

Comme je suis très mauvais en anglais, j’explique ma procédure :
Je lance une Analyse globale de l’ensemble du fichier afin de détecter les crêtes les plus élevées, je coche crêtes réelles puis Focalisation pour aller à la crête la plus haute, j’utilise l’outil Ctrl+G pour atténuer le niveau de XdB et lorsque je relance l’analyse globale , la valeur n’a pas changé. Je précise qu’il n’y a pas d’autre crête au même niveau.
Et je dois fermer WL et le rouvrir pour que l’analyse globale m’affiche les nouvelles valeurs de crêtes.
Je n’ai absolument pas ce problème avec WL10.


Do you create a new Global Analysis window with (+) the plus sign
after you run Ctrl+G tool, to check old and new Global Analysis windows ?
Because it works here with WL 11.0.20 and OSX Big Sur…

regards S-EH

Your procedure seems correct. I don’t know why this happens, and I can’t reproduce it.
As S-EHansson mentions, try this:

I’ve tried this too, same problem…

It’s like if your audio was not modified by your edit.
How can you be sure it is? Visual cue? Audio cue?
How do you exactly attenuate the XdB?

I select the peak and apply gain reduction with Ctrl+G, I can see the peak is lowered but the Global analysis window does’nt refresh the peak number if I launch another analysis of the whole file to show me the new highest peak