WL 11 cannot activate

Hi, Just bought WL11 as up from 10. It is installed but cannot be opened because it’s not activated. When downloading a “new” eLicenser from the internet the SW says a newer version is already installed and does nothing. When entering the code in the “newer” eLicenser it says it needs a newer version. The code can be entered but some hashes refuse to be removed. The current eLicenser is Looks like a real chaos. Best, Marcel

Be sure you’re not confusing ‘Download Access Code’ with ‘Activation code’. The former goes in the Steinberg Download Assistant (box top left), which then returns an Activation Code for you. It will ask if you want to enter the Activation Code in the eLicenser straight away, with a prompt box. Saying ‘yes’ means you are all done.!
If you do have an Activation Code (from email confirmation of order), then sorry, I’m out of ideas…

The code you get should be put into download assistant to get the elicenser code

Thank you. Got a “Download access code” but was able to download without using it. Do not see the logic of a download code when not needed. Put it in DL Assistant and it produced the real activation code in eLicenser. Looks good so far. Thank you, Marcel