WL 11 Marker "drop line" missing?

I’ve just upgraded to WL 11 and I see an unwelcome change in the Montage window involving markers. But maybe I’m just missing a setting change?

In WL 10, moving a marker by dragging it along the time ruler would result in a dotted line moving through the waveforms on each track. This was very useful for placing the marker precisely, especially with a multi-track montage.

In WL 11, there’s no “drop line.” Maybe I’m missing something? If not, could it please return?

The two images show the difference between 10 and 11. In both versions, dragging a marker involves a small white “ghost” image of the marker, which appears below the time reference, that did not get captured in these images. But it is there.


This will be fixed in the upcoming 11.0.30 update.

I just noticed that, if I drag the marker around by bringing it below the time ruler, and into the track area, the dotted line re-appears. So it’s only missing along the ruler itself.

Funny how we do things habitually and never notice…