WL 12 Montage meters issue - montage meters freeze when zooming in montage

I recently made the jump from v9.5 to v12.
I did a search and could not find this issue listed. Wondering if anyone else experiences this behavior in v12 as it never occured in v9.5.

While playing back a multitrack montage (6 montage tracks), if I zoom in to focus on 1 or 2 tracks, the track meters freeze. Sometimes it’s only the focused track’s meters, sometimes it’s other tracks. As I zoom out, the track meters start to work again as normal (most of the time).
This happens with and without plug ins on individual tracks/clips and on multiple montages.

I’ve included a link to a screen capture video showing the issue with notes.

WL 12 zoom/metering issue with notes)



WL 12.0.20 (build 611)
Win 10 Home
Intel i7-9700k 8-core 3.60ghz
Radeon HD 5450 graphics

Confirmed (WL12.0.20). The track meters stop moving after a certain zoom-in. If you zoom out, the movement starts again.
The same behavior can also be observed in WL11.2.0.

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Thanks for your report. I can reproduce. The problem is not zooming per see, but the fact that when there is a “far” vertical scrolling of tracks, then the displayed tracks don’t have their meter active. Note that this is just a graphical issue with no audio effect.

Unfortunately, it’s too late to fix that for the upcoming 12.0.30 due next week, but of course this will be programmed for the next 12.0.40