WL 12 pro random crashes on Render intel 2019 MacBook Pro 16"

hi all, I appear to be getting infrequent crashes when trying to render on WL 12 pro current version

here’s a Mac log,

2019 16" MacBook Pro intel, I am not using any non WL plugins , but I AM using a previous master channel template, which uses a bypassed studio EQ, otherwise a masterig and a raiser & dither is on (unnecessarily), I have since found that taking one of the plugin’s out of the master channel and replacing it with the same seems to solve the issue, but unsure quite why so thought I’d pass it on

montage layout = stereo
2 mono to stereo tracks (voice) - vst dynamics only on track
2 music tracks stereo (one normally muted as it alternates between the podcast template I am on) no plugins on track
1 reverb track - roomworks on track
reference track with a previous podcast on - nothing on track

when this has occurred on occasion I have previously re-installed, and also previously trashed all preferences, but doesn’t appear to make a difference as this issue can still seem to re-appear, I’ve also flicked on or off process with multiple cores which doesn’t appear to make a difference

Not a plugin issue. This seems a WaveLab bug, and could be related to the use of the Ducker processor in the audio montage (do you confirm you use it?). The exact reason is unknown, however. If you can, upload your montage (you can omit audio files).

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Yes PG I do have ducker running on the music track, which I forgot to mention, as I forget it’s on the left side, I’ll PM over an empty montage shortly

I can’t reproduce the problem after populating your montage tracks with some audio material (trying to render the whole montage without any track or clip muted). However, I did find a weakness in the WaveLab code that could explain the problem. This will be fixed for 12.0.30. I hope this fixes your problem.

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Thanks PG, I do usually have some clips muted or a music track (I could sideline them of course) muted depending on which version of music out of the 2 I need to use (and corresponding reverb outs which are usually the muted clips) and 1 of those will be on a ducker, but if you can’t reproduce with nothing muted, I’ll strip them out

For the rate being paid, it’s quick and dirty in and out, hence a bit of laziness compared to normal

If you happen to have a reproducible case, please pass me the montage (with audio files, this time). Thanks.

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I had this again today PG, (I used an old file and re-saved as new), but it crashed on meta normalising processing instead of rendering,
after WL restarting I turned off the ducker on the track I had it running on to do the process (and render out), and all was well