WL 12: where dis the Loudness Display tab from WL11 gone?

WL 12: where did the Loudness Display tab from WL11 gone??
(bottom left)

not showing in WL12


This feature has been replaced by a much more complete analysis tool:


I actually liked the visual display used in WL11. Too bad we can’t have both.

oh dear… here we go again.
a very useful and QUICK way to see the loudness of a file in WL11:
1 click you see it (analysis happens just by the tab selection)
2 click back to waveform

now in WL12
1 click: open pull down menu
2 click open Visual Analysis window somewhere else on the display…
3 click= analyze
4 click the trash can= back to waveform
5 click close the analyze window

why is that happening? don’t these GUI designers consider workflow??
just stupid and unnecessary!!!

(on the positive side although a different work area: now the visual analysis is also available in Montage mode and can take processing into account.
but for that the simplicity of the WL11 audio file analysis would not have to be sacrificed!!)

The new visual analysis is more than that.

  • The waveform is visualized at the same time
  • Loudness and True peak hotspots visualization and auto-playback
  • Many more possible analysis curves
  • In the upcoming update 12.0.20, there is an auto-re-analyse option if the audio is modified
  • The window can be left open and docked, unlike what you suggest.

Therefore, the old visualization was more than redundant; it was removed so as not to overload the already full UI.

i acknowledge the more detailed possibilities now.
but my previous complaint stands in terms of workflow.
rarely do i need all those details now possible. all options ticked gives a rather confusing graphic salad. in fact i reduced the options to just 2 pertinent parameters: momentary loudness and LUFS.
the previous implementation was fast and informative.

but i do understand the pressure for developers to always come up with something new and the temptation to just tweak the GUI just a little so it “looks” newer, more modern, well… whatever.
a bit of study into how the brain works and workflow is developed would be prudent (for developers especially…)

not holding my breath…

I agree that some implementations can just become bloatware but in my opinion that is far from the case here.

The problem is that other users might actually want or need those details.

The advantage of the new system is its flexibility. There’s no obligation to use all the details and you can save a preset of a simple setup with just the two pertinent parameters.

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I like this new analysis tool and already can’t imagine being without it. Especially the hotspots and their adjustability are great. But could we also keep the old Loudness Display from version 11? I found that to be good and efficient too.