WL 7.1 keeps crashing

Hey there,

I have recently bought WL 7 (having worked with WL 5 for a long time).
Now I want to do such a simple task like cutting a file and exporting it as MP3-File.
I have only one Plug-In inserted which is Ozone4 from Izotope.

Render Audio ==> Datatype ==> MP3 ==> Crash (reproducable)
I tried to save to a Network location. The Network works without any problems…

I am kind of confused !!

My System:
Win XP SP 3/ 4 GB / WL 7.1

This kind of procedure is quite common, and does not lead to a problem. If what you do, works when the target is a drive on the network, but not your local hard drive, then double check your HD.
Other than that, try to narrow down the problem.

I have enclosed a link to a screencast I have done in WL 7 to show how the crashing occurs.


Now don`t try to tell me something is wrong wiith my PC.
It works with other versions of WL and every other programm I have installed.


Do you really need playback when rendering is taking place !?
but I agree WL7 shouldn’t crash anyway !

regards S-EH

Well it doesnt matter wether playback is running or not -its crashing anyway.

If I understand correctly you only get the crash if you try to save to the network location but not if you save to your local HD, right?

No matter where I save (local/network) - it always crashes.

Are you using network mapped drive? Can you try saving to a standard local HD?

Did that already to no avail.

If you render to anything but mp3, does the problem happen?

Just testet is several times.
The problem persists - no matter which location or format I want to save.

Then there must be something very specific on your Windows XP system, that causes the problem only at your place. But I can’t guess more without eg. a crash dump listing.

At this stage, I would recommend erasing the WaveLab settings:
C:\Documents and Settins[UserName]\AppData\Steinberg\WaveLab 7
Then restart WaveLab.

Other than that, I guess that updating to Windows 7 would solve the problem.