WL 7.2 Patch - copy protection status for all tracks

thanks for the update!!!

…still no function :blush:

What do you mean?

Luck, Arjan

in wavelab 6 you could click on the key symbol in the bar to change the copy-protection status for all all tracks by just one click. in wl7 you have to unclick each track in order to prevent the tracks from being copy protected.
i think this is rather uncomfortabel & unnecessary.

I see. Well, I never bothered switching those off, and know of no real-life use of this function in any hardware player, but I guess clicking the icon should indeed switch all off or on.

Luck, Arjan

sometimes i’ d like my recordings to be shared with some folks on cd. therefore producing cds using the audiomontage without the need to unclick track by track would be quite helpful.

PG, please make this button workable again, as it had been in wl 6.
thanks for the fixes in 7.2.1