WL 8.5.10 crashing on close (new)

Hi PG,

I am getting another crash from Wavelab upon quitting the app. Can you tell what the cause is? reports are attached.

WL 8.5.10 (64-bit)
OSX 10.9.2
iMac 27" 3.5 GHz i
WL_CRASH_081714_01.zip (41.8 KB)

Do you get this always? Even after rebooting?

I have rebooted and will test throughout the day. I opened the same montage and quit WL with no crash just now.

I did install a new plugin yesterday that was inserted in the montage that was open when I quit WL and the crash occurred. Maybe repairing disk permissions and rebooting cleared it up.

I’ll post a new report if it happens again.


I can’t reproduce the crash from only quitting Wavelab every time, but I did have a crash and I’m not sure if it’s related. The unfortunate thing is that after the crash, the list of recently opened montages is now cleared.

Here are the logs:
WL_Crash_081814_V1.zip (45.8 KB)

Here is one final crash when quitting Wavelab at the end of the day:
WL_Crash_081814_02.zip (42.3 KB)

Are you using watch folders?

No watch folders. I have yet to setup a watch folder for anything unless one was created by accident.

has this been solved?
wl 8.5.1 also crashes here on close, not always but often.

wl 8.5.1 64bit
os x 10.8.5
mac mini server 2GHz i7
16GB ram


I am on 8.5 and it crashes on quit sometimes. Sometimes it quits without crash. I would say 50/50

I use same plugins every time.


WL 8.5.20 still crashing on close on Yosemite.

Is this crash dependent on plugins used?

WL 8.5.20 crashing on close about 75% of the time here. With or without plugins loaded. Loading up master section preset causes WL to crash about 10% of the time. WL 8.* in general is VERY unstable and unreliable. To the point where its almost unusable for serious work. I use it full time. Previous versions have always been great.


What is your environment? Mac/Windows? 32/64 bit? What plugins are you commonly using? Do you also get crash when not exiting?

In general use Wavelab is very stable. But I get crashes when exiting the program, resetting the master section, loading master section presets etc. This combined with the fact that Wavelab doesn’t necessary save master section presets when you tell it to is a massive killer for me. I’m mostly using UAD, DMG, Slate and Fabfilter mastering plugins. I have no issues with these plugins in Cubase or Pro Tools. I’m running 64bit iMac 3.5ghz. Same issue on both Mavericks and Yosemite.

Any update on the crashing on exiting and loading/unloading of plugins? This is a serious bug as far as I’m concerned. I use it full time and Wavelab crashes a few times every hour. Often losing work.

This option (On), generally helps:
2015-04-22 18_47_58.png

Yes, I go through phases of good and bad periods of Wavelab crashing on when loading and dealing with plugins.

Nobody wants to accept the blame. I use these same plugins in Pro Tools 11, Logic Pro X, and another mastering DAW I am exploring and none of them crash as often and hard as Wavelab when it comes to plugins.

Wavelab was my first experience with VST so I’m not sure if it’s VST in general or Wavelab but it’s really hard to trust right now.

Here are two crashes from just now within minutes of each other:
WL_Crash_042315.zip (51.4 KB)

Yes, agree. Wavelab 7 was 100% stable. v8 and v8.5 have made the software almost unusable.

Funny, I don’t think WL8 or 8.5 has ever crashed on me. WL7 however was one big headache in several departments.

I ‘think’ everyone in this thread (and most other recent crash threads) is on Mac. Wavelab 8.x on Windows has been pretty crash free here.

I have been plagued with crashes both on closing the program and also when adding or adjusting plugins and there settings. rendering any file resulted in a crash about 80% of the time.

after studying the crash logs, it became evident that all my crash issues were the result of interaction with an assortment of plugins.

Recently, I experimented with putting a layer between the plugin and the WL interface. I did this by using Blue cat’s Patchworx plugin. I am currently using this plugin/host in slot #1 of the master rack in WL.

After numerous tests and several days of working with the program, I can safely say that this has cured the problem 100%, I have not had one WL crash event with this setup.

I strongly encourage anyone on the Mac version to try this, as it has worked so well for me.

Just a note: I am not affiliated with blue Cat. I already owned this software and used it because it was available to me.

Hope this is helpful to someone else…