WL 8.5 and Direct-X

I have a few Direct-X plugins, that don’t work anymore in WL 8.5 but do work in WL 8.03. Has there been a change in this field in the 8.5 update? What can I do to make them work again?

I thought Direct-X was phased out long ago. You sure that those plugs are actually DirectX based?


I am investigating this issue.
DX is meant to be supported in WaveLab 8.5.
I would not swear that for WaveLab 9.

I can confirm that WL8.5 no longer “sees” Direct-X plugins on my machine … luckily I have weaned myself off them, but there are several installed by Sony Creative Software products that I have on the same machine (the Sony products can see and use the Direct-X plugins).

One could still use a Direct-X wrapper correct? There are many free ones to choose from.

This will be fixed in next patch.

Thanks PG.
I know that Direct-X is outdated. In my case, however, it is the only way to use some of my most used plugins at all: I have spent a fortune on Algorthmix plugins. However in the meantime the support of Algorithmix has gone down to a minimum level and there are practically no software updates anymore with the consequence that most of their VST versions do not work anymore in WL8. The Direct-X versions do work however, so they are my last resort to use these otherwise excellent plugins.
Anyway, thanks to greggybud for the reminder with the Direct-X wrappers. This will be my workaround until this problem is fixed in the next patch…